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    Officers & Committee Chairs

    The following list contains the officers and committee chairs who serve District 16. You can also use our contact page to send questions or comments to us.

    District 16 Officers & Committee Chairs(See below for description of acronyms)
    Position Name Contact
    DCM Terry C. dcm@medfordareaaa.org
    LDCM-A (Ashland, Phoenix, Talent) -OPEN- -N/A-
    LDCM-B (Medford) Amy V. LDCM-B@medfordareaaa.org
    LDCM-C (Jacksonville, Ruch, Applegate, MFG, DOTR) -OPEN- -N/A-
    LDCM-D (Central Point, White City, Eagle Point, Shady Cove, Butte Falls, Prospect,
    Gold Hill)
    Jane M. LDCM-D@medfordareaaa.org
    Secretary Nick N. secretary@medfordareaaa.org
    Treasurer Kristin A. treasurer@medfordareaaa.org
    Alt. Treasurer -OPEN- -N/A-
    Access Chair -OPEN- access@medfordareaaa.org
    Archives Chair Jennifer A. archives@medfordareaaa.org
    Correctional Facilities Chair (Men) -OPEN- -N/A-
    Correctional Facilities Chair (Women) -OPEN- -N/A-
    PI / CPC Chair Kelly K. picpc@medfordareaaa.org
    Grapevine Chair -OPEN- -N/A-
    Schedules Chair -OPEN- schedules@medfordareaaa.org
    Telephone Hotline Chair Robin P. email
    Coop w/ Treatment Facilities Chair Jo B. ctf@medfordareaaa.org
    Events Chair Lea W. events@medfordareaaa.org
    SOSM Chair Cynthia W. sosm@medfordareaaa.org
    Technology Chair Nick J. webmaster@medfordareaaa.org
    Liaisons to District 16
    Position Name Contact
    Al-Anon Liaison -OPEN- -N/A-
    Central Office Liaison Demetrius D.
    YPAA Liaison OPEN -N/A-

    Description of Acronyms

    DCM – District Committee Member

    LDCM-A, LDCM-B, LDCM-C, LDCM-D – Local District Committee Member

    CPC / PI Chair – Cooperation with Professional Community / Public Information Chair

    SOSM Chair – Southern Oregon Speaker Meeting Chair