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Pre-Conference Sharing Session

March 19 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

Join us for the Pre-Conference Sharing Session. Please come and share thoughts and ideas on this year’s hot topics concerning AA as a whole. This is extremely important as there are discussions regarding our big book, pamphlets, and much more. Please carefully refer to the information below on what’s happening.

What is a Pre-Conference Sharing Session? 

The District 16 Pre-Conference Sharing Session provides an opportunity to present to all of the Rogue Valley AA Fellowship the current Hot Topic discussions that are being presented at the 73rd General Service Conference! The Sharing Session is your District’s transparent desire to provide the Rogue Valley AA Fellowship with the opportunity to add their voice to the decision making process and add your voice to the process of how it all works!

The process comes alive through participation, discussion and feedback. 

Additionally, Pre-Conferences are being hosted throughout the Oregon Area and with the Spanish Language districts.

Who can participate in this process?

Each District invites GSR, Service Members and the AA Fellowship to attend. Utilize AA Related Announcements to announce this Session to your groups and meetings.

What will I be asked to do?

Attendees at the Pre-Conference Sharing Sessions will participate and discuss the Hot Topics from each of the categories below:

  1. CPC (Cooperation with Professional Community)
  2. CF (Corrections)
  3. Finance
  4. Grapevine/La Vina
  5. Literature
  6. Policy and Admissions/Trustees

District 16 will host this session virtually in order to provide space for as many of our Fellowship as possible to participate in this vital process! 

Hot Topics (important items that need fellowship input) will be presented and discussed. Each Hot Topic will have a facilitator and a note taker to capture the discussion to summarize and provide to the Area Delegate to take to the 73rd General Service Conference in April. 

The Hot Topic items and background material will be provided to each group. Each facilitator will have already participated in the February Pre-Conference Assembly and will be able to inform, provide answers to questions and have access to the confidential background material to help the discussion. They are available as a resource, to answer questions and to provide clarification. This is not designed to provide solutions to problems but an opportunity to discuss the topics and provide our Delegate with a sense of how our Fellowship would have her vote at the conference. Without your input she will be making her best guess on what the Fellowship wants as our Trusted Servant.

What happens after the Pre-Conference Sharing Session?

After the Pre-Conference Sharing Session the DCM will summarize all discussion notes and provide them to the Area Delegate to help her understand how our District 16 Fellowship feels about the important Hot Topic items. 

Our Delegate is the ‘Trusted Servant’ for the groups. Ensuring that the Delegate is armed with as much information as possible is where the Group Conscious comes to life at the Conference level! Your participation and communication is key to the Primary Purpose and making sure that the AA Fellowship and AA’s General Service Conference continue to serve the still suffering Alcoholic. 

It is vital that your Delegate is an informed delegate and attends the General Service Conference prepared to help ensure all decisions are for the Common Welfare of AA as a whole! 

2022 General Service Conference Agenda HOT TOPIC Summary Notes
Click the links below, read the background summaries and submit your opinion 

2022 GSC Corrections Agenda Item Topic C  – Consider limiting changes to the BB

2022 GSC Corrections Agenda Item Topic DAA Literature changes and Primary Purpose

2022 GSC CPC Agenda Item Topic D  – Consider a new pamphlet to help CPC

2022 GSC Finance Agenda Item Topic B  – Add historical disclaimer to 12×12

2022 GSC Finance Agenda Item Topic C  – Consider all proposed changes to the 12×12 in footnotes

2022 GSC GV/LV Agenda Item Topic C   – Consider suggested topics for 2023 Grapevine books

2022 GSC GV/LA Agenda Item Topic D  – Discuss wide-ranging impact of Preamble change on the fellowship

2022 GSC Literature Agenda Item Topic K  – Review Plain Language progress report 

2022 GSC Literature Agenda Item Topic M  – Review progress report on 5th Edition

2022 GSC Literature Agenda Item Topic R  – Discuss changes to the 12×12 per 71st Conference

2022 GSC Policy/Admissions Agenda Item Topic F  – Request to restore paragraph to Freedom from Bondage

2022 GSC Policy/Admissions Agenda Item Topic G  – Consider revising Sponsorship pamphlet

2022 GSC Trustees Agenda Item Topics F  – Consider revising service roles in pamphlet “The AA Group”

2022 GSC Trustees Agenda Item Topics G  – Revise pamphlet “Do Your Think You’re Different” for diversity

We have 3 options for getting your feedback to your Area 58 Delegate!

  1. Come to our Virtual Pre-Conference Sharing Session and join many others of our Fellowship on March 19th, 1pm to 4pm
  2. Email your feedback of the Hot Topic Agenda Items by April 10th to dcm@medfordareaaa.org
  3. Go to aa-oregon.org fill out and submit the form with your feedback directly to the Area 58 Delegate Amber N.

Be Involved, Be Informed, Be Inspired…..Be of Service!!

Join us Option #1 –
Video from device
Meeting ID: 456 010 1935
Password: 06101935

Join us Option #2 –
Audio via phone
(669) 900 6833
Meeting ID: 456 010 1935
Password: 06101935



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