About A.A.

Alcoholics Anonymous began in 1935 when Bill W., a once successful stockbroker whose career and life were devastated by alcoholism, was searching for a way to maintain his own sobriety. After six months without a drink, Bill W. reached out to still-suffering alcoholic Dr. Bob S. The date of Dr. Bob’s last drink, June 10, 1935, marks the founding date of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A.A. is a fellowship of men and women who have drinking problems. It exists in over 180 countries worldwide, and has an estimated over two million active members. Since 1935, millions have recovered from alcoholism through the practice of A.A. principles.

The A.A. Book

The book Alcoholics Anonymous — commonly known as the Big Book — is A.A.'s main text. First published in April 1939, the Big Book presents the A.A. program of individual recovery as well as personal stories of struggle and recovery by A.A. members spanning the Fellowship's history.

How to get the Big Book

If you do not have a copy of the Big Book, we encourage you to pick one up. There are several ways to get a copy: